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Key Issues


Healthcare, as essential as it is to every human being on this planet, unfortunately, has increasingly become an option mostly accessible to the privileged. It is our endeavour change this. Access to quality healthcare must be every citizen’s right. By engaging with companies, organizations and individuals who understand the change we want to make and our willing to participate in our programs, we hope to make this happen. In association with our hospital, PEOPLE TREE HOSPITALS, we hope to create a world where quality healthcare must become available to all who need it.

Some of our successful programs include –

  • Traditional fund raising for specific causes
  • Partnering with individuals/businesses that support our causes
  • Tapping into companies with strong CSR



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

We believe that education can change the world we live in and an individual who strongly wishes to be educated or pursue higher learning must be given an opportunity. The foundation is committed to support individuals who seek education especially in the medical field. Lack of funds should not deter a student if he/she is meritorious and passionate about studying further.



“Awareness is empowering.”

When we create a community around us that is aware, we give them power. Power to prevent disease before it strikes. As part of our foundation activities, we conduct a lot of camps championing various health issues that afflict us. Often these are lifestyle related. Often it is just plain ignorance. By addressing these issues, we hope to build healthier communities, empowered with information and tools to safeguard their health. Our child nutrition program called “WHAT’’S ON YOUR PLATE” and child safety program “SAFE CHILD INDIA” have been very well received.



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