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Mr Saidapet Mallaiya Naidu, Retired as Assistant Controller of Military Accounts, has penned down his life in the note" REFLECTIONS AT 78", during October 1963, four years after which he expired. He has briefed about his entire life n the social service he rendered to the needy, in raising funds, helping the needy, in person and the monetary service with the minimal pay scale he earned per month. Its such an inspiration, which we ought to incorporate in our lives. Here we have a glimpse from his brief life sketch.

        Born to a poor but pious parents, his "EARLY LIFE" was a struggle. Lost his father at a tender age, worked hard and obtained ranks. Took active part in all indoor and outdoor games and roles in English Dramas which included Shakespeare, and a hero's part.

        His first attraction was a "MEDICAL PROFESSION", he attended the first Psychological and Psychiatric conferences(Madras and Mysore) and very often visited  the general wards of different Hospitals in various stations, wherever he stayed for a long time.
        He developed attraction to "POLITICS". As a Congress Volunteer, he toured all the Andhra Coastal Districts. Attended the Provincial Conference(Vizag 1906) and conducted evening classes at the Madras Beach with the aid of Vande Mataram and other Indian 'dailies'. He also took a active part in the Bengal anti-partition movement.

        He was also very "RELIGIOUS", attended the Parliament of Religion(Calcutta 1909). Bhagavan Ramakrishna's life was appealing to Mr S.M.Naidu for which he learnt to read and write Bengali Language, with the desire of becoming a Sanyasin.

        His Mother to whom he bore extreme gratitude and devotion stood firmly against his plunge of becoming a Sanyasin, which resulted in the "FAMILY LIFE". The need for helping a growing family having gradually increased, the veil of attachment or MAYA, though was getting thinner and thinner, which does not altogether vanish.

        Among the "GOVERNMENT SERVICE" offers he received :Co-operative, Forest, Police, Railway and Military Accounts Departments, he chose the last, worked hard and secured accelerated promotion in all grades(Rs. 30 to 850). A pass in the S.A.S exam, from the lower grade(Calcutta-1912, with four years service and a first rank) fetched him a double promotion, where he was recommended (From Rs. 200 to 500) as a Budget Superintendent, Finance, Delhi. In December 1914, he was deputed to Poona, for the 'All India and Burma' Conference on War Accounts and thereafter granted War Bonus. In August 1929, at Lahore, he had his last accelerated promotion(Rs. 550 to 850).The desires for further promotions and earnings had ceased, and retired in December 1933 and received Rs. 24,790/-, thus ending his official career and was a pensioner for the next thirty years.

       From the beginning, he had ingrained an never ending passion of "SOCIAL SERVICE". His humble conviction was that silent selfless Service to others is as good as service to God. His words on Social Service: " Any kind of help, big or small, rendered to others(relatives, friend or stranger alike, without discrimination of caste, creed, religion or status- more particularly to the sick and the poor) is a source of indescribable pleasure. A tender hearts full of compassion, is unable to bear the sight of sickness or the new, of affliction, of any kind, runs as it were, towards the spot, wherever it may be, and yearns always to render some help to others. When the physical energy is inadequate or incompetent to do this, the mental energy readily comes to its aid. Besides hundreds of multifarious services, there were numerous occasions for giving small monetary help, by way of charities, subscriptions, scholarships etc.Some donations and endowments were also given, building funds(aggregating Rs.800), Abala Ashram, Anna Vasathi Sangam, Ashaktha Poshaka Sabha, Friend-in-need Society, Ramakrishna Ashram and Seva Sadan(aggregating 2,000), ans Schools and Colleges(aggregating 2,050)".

       Mr S.M.Naidu has passed his lineage of rendering social service to his children, grand children too. Today Mrs Sugathri V Naidu, the grand daughter of Mr S.M.Naidu follows his passion on service to mankind and has donated an amount of Rs 1.5lakhs to The People Tree Foundation. We are extremely moved to have known such a Family, who have lived with such moral values and we are fortunate to see them living the same today.


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