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Childhood Nutrition

Nutrition What is new about Child Nutrition?

Everything about today’s children has changed…
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Safe Child

Safe Child
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TO EDUCATE PARENTS ABOUT PREVENTABLE INJURIES IN CHILDREN by creating a healthy and safe environment for them.

Every day around the world the lives of more than 2000 families are torn apart by the loss of a child to an unintentional injury or so-called “accident” that could have been prevented. The grief that these families suffer – mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents and friends – is immeasurable and often impacts entire communities. Such tragedy can change lives irrevocably.

Once children reach the age of five years, unintentional injuries are the biggest threat to their survival. Unintentional injuries are also a major cause of disabilities, which can have a long-lasting impact on all facets of children’s lives: relationships, learning and play. Children live in a world designed for adults, and because their body contours and behavior are different, they are more prone to injury. “Children’s curiosity and drive to explore their world are not matched by the capacity to understand danger”.

Keeping young children safe is an adult’s responsibility. Most injuries to young children happen at home, so it is very important to make your home as safe as possible. Our message is that even small changes in our everyday lives can make big differences to children’s safety. We hope that within 5 years all parents should be tuned to the concept of child safety and demand likewise services in all aspects of their lives be it child safe malls, child safe parks, transportation, schools, amusement parks etc. we want to create a generation of aware citizens regarding child safety that would multiply in the years to come. We must remember that - Child safety is not our choice, it is our responsibility !!!.


Health Screening camps

A healthy community is a happy community. People Foundation in association with People Tree Hospitals are actively involved in conducting Health Screening camps throughout the community promoting health awareness. We reach out to both the rural and urban population in these camps and provide general health screening and talks on Child Nutrition, Child Safety and Women's Health.


Patient Education Series(PEdS)

New Born Booklet

As part of our commitment to empower people to lead healthier and more productive lives by health education, we initiated the Essential Newborn Care booklet for all new mothers. This booklet is a small information resource containing the essential information on baby care written in simple language. The emphasis is on informing mothers on normal aspects of baby health and care to allay their initial anxieties and make the initial journey of parenthood a transforming and enjoyable experience. The book serves as a useful guide in the first few months of baby's life. “Is my child eating right?” is a concern that grips every mother who has young children. What is right, how much is right and how can I do it right is what we help mothers with. Click here if you are one such mother

The authors are overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback they have received and are inspired to do more such work.


Dengue Awareness Initiative

Dengue is a mosquito borne viral illness that affects all age groups of people and can lead to an illness that varies in severity from mild fever to severe bleeding and death. Unfortunately the disease is on the rise globally.

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To those doctors...

  • Who are curious, adrenophilic, sleep deprived, forever hungry, variety seeking generalists,
  • Who see and not just look,
  • Who listen and not just hear,
  • Who don't need to stop to chew gum,
  • Who seek solutions not diagnosis,
  • Who know technology as much as their personal touch
  • AND more than anything else to those
  • Who believe in and love miracles...

We bow down to them..... 
The INTENSIVENESS of this world... 

In recent years, the specialty of Intensive Care & Emergency medicine has developed into a full fledged carrier choice.

In ‘PANORAMA’ – our flagship Pediatric ICU and Emergency classes, the emphasis will be on fundamentals and concepts – which not only forms a foundation for patient care but also to develop a strong base in clinical problem solving for any area of medicine. There is a tendency to rush past the basics in the stampede to finish formal training, and this leads to empiricism and irrational practice habits. Why a fever should or should not be treated, or whether a blood pressure cuff provides accurate readings, are the questions that must be dissected carefully in the early stages of training, to develop reasoning skills needed to be effective in clinical problem solving. This inquisitive stare must replace the knee jerk approach to clinical problems if medicine is to advance. ‘PANORAMA’ is a small step towards this goal.

Who We Are :

Faculty :

Dr Chetan Ginigeri MBBS (JIPMER) MD (PGI Chd) Fellow PICU(UK) 
Dr Supraja Chadrasekar MBBS (BMC) MRCPCH (UK) Fellow PICU(IAP)
I would especially commend the physician Who, in acute diseases, by which the bulk Of mankind are cut off, conducts the Treatment better than others.

- Hippocrates

As the specialty of Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care developed over the last 3 decades, slowly but surely the organ specific ‘Landlord’ system’ of medicine is slowly giving way to a unified approach towards the patient. Intensivists are the new generalists- skilled and able to look at the patient in totality. Because, serious illness has no Landlord.

Being passionate about Pediatric Critical Care and having cumulative experience of having worked in the best centers of India and abroad, we still feel the training of the next generation of Pediatric Intensivists is very superficial at best. We are creating reflex intensivists. As post graduates flock to take up the specialty out of lack of subspecialty choices, in search of adrenaline rush and kick of working in a high-tech fancy facility – we have not yet instilled in them the passion of caring for a critically sick child. The passion comes from the confidence in ones’ ability to anticipate and solve problems in the ICU.

PANORAMA is a small attempt to look at Pediatrics from an Intensivist’s perspective; and enable current generation of post-graduates to develop critical thinking as part of their daily routine. And if they can translate the confidence of caring for very sick children into their day to day practice – the possibilities are unlimited !!


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