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Sumanth, is a 11 months old boy who was previously completely well until he fell ill around a month ago(07/07/17). He presented to us in a critical condition with severe shock as a result of sepsis( serious infection). His lungs, heart, kidneys and liver had almost failed.

We revived him and his condition stabilised. His heart and liver improved with medications. His kidney required dialysis for 10 days and has now improved. His infection also improved with very strong course of antibiotics. 

Unfortunately this infection has taken a toll on his lungs and it needs time to fully recover.  He needs to stay on ICU for another 2-3 weeks. ICU costs likely to exceed 5 lakhs rupees. Sumanth has been a real fighter and has a twinkle in his eyes that is so inspirational.  We strongly feel that his lungs will improve over time with ventilator support.
Parents have done everything possible but they need your help to keep hold of their little one. As one person we cannot change the world , but we can change the world of one person.
Kindly donate now.
Let's make sure Sumanth can live his life to the fullest. 
Come let's make a difference.



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