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Why Volunteer?

  • When you volunteer with Peopletree, you get as much as you give.
  • Engage in positive social change.
  • Experience personal satisfaction and a sense of purpose.
  • Become sensitive to and aware of the critical issues plaguing the health of community.
  • Build project management abilities, organising skills, team-skills and leadership qualities.
  • Meet and interact with people from all walks of life who share a common purpose.

Who can volunteer?

  • Anyone interested in the areas of health and health education. Students, working professionals, retired professionals and home-makers can make their contribution for a few hours a week. Our programs are flexible and you can choose. All we need is commitment and dedication and enthusiastic, whole-hearted participation.


Administrative Tasks

Volunteers will provide general assistance at the direction of departmental staff. Duties may include answering telephones, filing, data entry or light typing, labelling, running errands, etc. Pleasant personality and accuracy are important.

IT/Accounting department depending on skill level

Depending on education and skill level a few tasks in the IT department will be given to the volunteers. May include data entry, creating excel spreadsheets and some computer jobs.
Handling social media and websites updates.

Customer Service Desk

Volunteers will have to assist people with general information about the hospital on the phone or on premises. Also they will at times have to assist patients with booking taxis/autos, or give them travel assistance in the form of train/bus schedules, routes to and from the hospital etc. Patients who are old or illiterate may need to help with filling out forms. Follow-up surveys, appointment confirmation and cancellation duties are also included.

Medical departments/Pharmacy assistance can also be part of the volunteering experience after training and clearing certain mandatory requirements.

Patient assistance

Some patients may require physical assistance to move from one area of the hospital to the other. Our volunteers will be expected to help such patients.

Medical Camps

Volunteers can also opt to help out during medical camps to arrange for an event, co-ordinate meetings, send out e-mails, and update social media sites with event information.
Liaise with client relation team and the doctor community for the event.


  • Opportunity to work across various departments like administration, customer service, patient care and some medical areas too.
  • Commutation expense to and from your residence for the days you work if volunteer commits and completes a 3-week period or more.
  • A certificate from The People Tree Foundation at the end of your volunteer service in recognition of the services you have provided.
  • For longer periods of committed work, a privilege card can also be earned for certain services in the hospital.
  • For volunteers putting in more than 6 hours a day, lunch/snack will also be provided on the premises.
  • Individuals wishing to go to medical school and work in hospitals will also gain relevant experience and boost their resumes.


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