Problem: Severe spine abnormality (scoliosis), unable to stand straight or walk freely
  • Patient: Anjum Begum, 12 year old girl
  • Operation: Scoliosis surgery in March 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Gowrishankar Swamy LG and his team at PEOPLE TREE Hospitals
  • Cost: Rs. 1.5 lakhs approx. (excluding the fees for doctors and hospital staff, who provided their services free)
  • Donor: Mr. Srihari Chandraghatgi's donation met the entire cost of surgery
  • "I am Anjum. I have been unable to walk properly due to some problem in my legs since birth. We could not afford the cost of my surgery. Then we read about the 100 free surgeries initiative by PEOPLE TREE foundation, in the newspaper and approached Dr. Gowrishankar. Mr. Srihari offered to fund my surgery. After my surgery. I can walk normally now. I am very thankful to Mr. Srihari, Dr. Gowrishankar and everyone who was involved in my surgery"
Problem: Repeated Urniary Tract Infection with large Bladder Stone
  • Patient: Arjun
  • Operation: Urinary Bladder Stone Removal Surgery
  • Surgeon: Dr. Avinash Hiremath and Dr. Chetan and PEOPLE TREE Hospitals Paediatric Team
  • Cost: Rs. 30,000/-
  • Donor: PG Care Foundation
  • "Arjun lives in an orphanage. When we visited the orphanage for health screening of the inmates, we wondered why this boy should suffer from so many repeated urinary tract infections. We brought him to the hospital for further investigations and were surprised to find large (egg sized) urinary bladder stone in the boy's bladder. We are thankful to the PG Care Foundation who agreed to sponsor the boy's surgery - Dr Chetan Ginigeri, Team PEOPLE TREE Paediatric"